Kicking, punching, and car-chasing


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Kavinsky is an action game in third person starring the artist of the same name. In it you have to clear the streets of corrupt policemen and thugs using your fists, then get in your car and drive at top speed down the highway.

The game is divided into several stages that are completely different from each other. In the first ones you control Kavinsky directly, and can move him around the city streets, punching enemies that come your way. You can regain health by picking up tobacco and beer cans from the ground.

Once you finish the street-fighting missions (where you'll even face a final boss armed with two axes), you have to drive the famous Kavinsky Ferrari. That's when you start the car-chasing missions, where you have to escape at top speed from the enemies coming after you while you break police barriers.

Kavinsky is fast and entertaining action game. It's main strong point is the quality of the graphics, which are spectacular, with characters and car models that stand out from everything else. The soundtrack is also brilliant, and it couldn't be any other way.
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